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I get error [5015/8041] "This computer is not properly registered for license validation. The database may be damaged."

Single-user licenses cannot use a database that is not located on a local drive. You must obtain a multi-user/network license to use non-local databases. Another error code/message that you may receive for this condition is:
[5072] "No Network License Installed. Please run ThumbsPlus from a local disk."

This user also may not have write access to the ThumbsPlus database. Multi-user license validation is accomplished in part via the use of the CurrentUsers table in the database. Every ThumbsPlus user that opens the database must be able to write an entry into this table, and if it cannot, this error message is returned. Additionally, the folder that the database resides in must be writable in a multi-user installation so that a database record-locking file can be created. Enable write access to the database file (*.td4) through the following:

  • ThumbsPlus database file (*.td4) and folder Attributes. Un-check the Read Only box.
  • File and folder Permissions to R/W/A for the Share Permissions on network resource.
  • Additional Layer is the Security Permissions option (for NTFS file systems), which provides another layer of control/protection on the folder/files & more detailed control of user options. Within the Security Tab/Settings allow authenticated users, at a minimum, the following permissions:
         Read & Execute
         Create Files

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